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Let’s be clear. Miller is not a career politician. He is not seeking to “retire” to the Texas House of Representatives like many before have done. He is raising a family in our District, working agricultural land, contributing to the community, paying taxes, buying property, sending kids to schools, leveraging infrastructure and resources, worshiping, shopping in our stores, and coaching and mentoring our youth.

Throughout our district we hear time and time again in every issue the same themes: self responsibility, personal freedom, and minimum government. This resonates! This is what Miller will bring to the District, not only in the following issues, however also as a fundamental message.

Property Taxes

High property taxes is one of the biggest threats to the livelihood of Texas residents. Miller will support the bill HB3742 which is for the ELIMINATION of unfair property taxes by replacing them with a simple and transparent consumption tax. Personal property is the fruit of your labor and continuing taxation prevents true ownership and is government theft. 

HB 3742 here


Texas farmers have experienced unprecedented losses due to the impact of Covid-19. Government mandates that force the closure of schools and individual businesses have a direct impact on the value of commodities and the food supply chain. We can no longer afford to restrict our economy that is having a devastating impact on farmers and the people of Texas. Miller will support farm bill program provisions, crop insurance, and risk management strategies to increase aid at the local level where it is most needed. This is true across the state and specifically our region which includes Fort Bend, Wharton, and Jackson counties. All landowners, especially farmers, require protection from government overreach through eminent domain.

Gun Rights

The means to defend yourself is a inherent human right that should not be reinterpreted or interfered with by any governing authority.

Civil Liberties

The core of freedom is the protection of human life. In keeping with his commitment to personal responsibility, freedom, and minimum government, Miller believes in a policy of "no victim, no crime" and is against the expensive and ineffective incarceration of those who commit victimless crimes.

Legalizing Marijuana

Miller is a supporter of ending marijuana prohibition and will advocate for such as a member of the Texas House. Prohibition is an outdated policy with racist tendencies while ruining the lives of countless people. Legalization is a majority opinion poll after poll in Texas.


Education is an integral part of the lives of Texas families. School funding is a necessary part of the success of exemplary schools, but a shift in the source of the those funds is needed. School taxes should not be reliant on personal property taxes. A reform in the allocation of property taxes to state funding through sales and use taxes would provide schools the needed provisions, while giving back freedoms to personal property owners. 


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